Friday, September 30, 2016

Just in Case This Week's Debate Didn't Convince You...

First of all, she wants to get America's multimillionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share to invest in the country they loudly proclaim they love. (Her solution: A "Fair Share Surcharge" on their taxes.) 

She wants to use the proceeds from that surcharge to fund the nation's ambitious investments.

She wants to simplify and cut taxes for small businesses so that those firms can hire and grow.  

She'd like to launch a $7.5 billion fund for new federal-and-state partnerships so that local leaders can cook up programs to treat and prevent drug addiction...whether the drug is alcohol, meth, cocaine, marijuana, or anything in between.

She's got a 100-days jobs plan that emphasizes repairing America's infrastructure, bringing more manufacturing jobs to these shores, aiding small businesses, propping up research and technology, and making clean energy more of a reality for these fifty states.  

Speaking of clean energy...she's proposed a $60 billion program to not only promote clean energy, but also to cut carbon pollution.

She wants 500 million new solar panels up and in use by 1-20-2021.

She's out to give America's college students a debt-free experience.

What's more, she wants to make that college experience a safer giving this country's institutions of higher learning more of the tools they'll need to end campus sexual assault. 

She wants $2 billion invested annually for research to prevent, treat, and- by 2025- find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. 

She vows to end the heinous 2010 Corporations United (oops, I mean Citizens United) decision...and to get dark money out of US politics once and for all.

She'll vow to help the coalition air campaign against the Islamic State, increase support for local Arab and Kurdish forces, and use diplomacy to end Syria's civil war. 

She'll also work hand in hand with European intelligence officials to spot and stop those groups and individuals who've been funding and enabling terrorism. 

She wants a meaningful, healthy dialog with America's Muslims...a far cry from the stance taken by her biggest rival for the top spot in America's government. 

On top of that, she thinks it's a great idea to let the FBI stop gun sales to suspected terrorists...and she thinks it's cool to give the country's first responders all the help they need to fight terrorism on these shores.

There's a lot more where this came from (including said nominee's Website).

I'm going with the nominee who's got more government experience than the other three nominees out there for 2016 combined.  

Take it from a man who started 2016 going for US Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as the Democrats' presidential nominee.

America's much better off going with Hillary Jane Rodham Clinton as the replacement for fellow Democrat Barack Obama.  

Don't believe all the lies you've heard about the former first lady/US senator/US secretary of state.