Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Let's write carefully out there...or at least try to

Last week, a memo was placed on the bulletin board just inside the apartment building I live in.

The message was to get tenants to move their vehicles out of the parking lot used by the residents of the whole apartment complex...because the lot was going to be STRIPPED. 

We were warned that if we didn't move our cars/trucks/SUVs/vans by this morning, our gas guzzlers (or gas savers) would be towed...at tenant expense.

Today, this work began. (To prepare for it, I moved my car- the same car from last month's post- into an adjacent parking lot. That lot used to belong to a bowling alley...but now the lot belongs to the church that bought the building where bowlers used to roll strikes, spares, and gutters.) 

I spent this morning looking for heavy construction equipment.

The backhoe(s) never showed up.

That's because the parking lot in front of the building I live in got STRIPED. 

Abso-freaking-lutely right: A truck pulled into the lot to repaint stripes for parking spaces. 

And now, after less than an hour's work, the lot's ready for use again.

Just like that. 

Funny the difference an extra "R" makes...especially in a world where certain journalists (and some of the media executives paying them) here in the world's most talked-about nation have spent the last 130 days professing to rediscover the truth after spending the last two years treating it like a toothache or like a migraine headache. 

Oh, well...