Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Just got to thinking...

Just got a few thoughts rolling in my mind right now...so, here goes:

*Quite a few people who've been sending letters to the Omaha World-Herald to protest the NFL players who are taking a knee during the playing/singing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" have been asking those athletes to protest "on their own time." (Maybe such letters have also shown up in your city's newspaper or newspapers, too.)

Say those NFLers went on to confine their grievances over America's longstanding history of injustice to "their own time."

Once the word got out, how do you think the people attacking the NFL players following in Colin Kaepernick's footsteps would react?

I'll bet you the same way they are right now. 

*One of the biggest myths out there in sports is that today's NFL players don't get involved in their communities.

You'd be surprised to find that many (if not most) of the players on the league's 32 teams are involved, in some way or another, in community work...be it through foundations or through some other kind of charitable work.

*I read yesterday that NBC's and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell blew out 71 candles. 

And I still can't help but think about Mitchell's role (as well as that of so many other Big Media journalists) in handing the Big Prize to a man who, from 2004 to 2015, hosted NBC's most famous stunt show (okay, reality show). 

Last year, as Donald Trump sought the Big Prize, viewers of the news programs Mitchell appeared on (as host or as a guest) got the impression that the New Rochelle, NY native didn't "want to cover the Clintons anymore."

Well now, special prosecutor (and former FBI director) Robert Mueller is spearheading an investigation of the Trump-Putin connection that- let's face it- helped take 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue out of the Democratic Party's grip. 

Heads are rolling right now...especially that of Trump's first campaign manager, Paul Manafort. 

With that in mind, does the birthday dinner Mitchell enjoyed yesterday leave a bad taste in her mouth now? 

Speaking of taste...hope you're enjoying today's Halloween candy! See you later!