Sunday, December 31, 2017

Are you ready?

Well, here they are...the 24 teams, top seed to bottom, that would've made the 2017 NCAA Division 1-A football playoffs had the NCAA decided to stage such an event:

1. Central Florida (12-0; AAC champ)/2. Georgia (12-1; SEC champ)/3. Oklahoma (12-1; Big 12 champ)/4. Clemson (12-1; ACC champ)/5. Wisconsin (12-1; Big Ten at-large)/6. Alabama (11-1; SEC at-large)/7. Ohio State (11-2; Big Ten champ)/8. Toledo (11-2; MAC champ)

9. Penn State (10-2; Big Ten at-large)/10. USC (11-2; Pac-12 champ)/11. Washington (10-2; Pac-12 at-large)/12. Miami (FL) (10-2; ACC at-large)/13. San Diego State (10-2; Mountain West at-large)/14. Troy (10-2; Sun Belt champ)/15. Memphis (10-2; AAC at-large)/16. Boise State (10-3; Mountain West champ)

17. Auburn (10-3; SEC at-large)/18. TCU (10-3; Big 12 at-large)/19. Florida Atlantic (10-3; Conference USA champ)/20. South Florida (9-2; AAC at-large)/21. Notre Dame (9-3; independent at-large)/22. Michigan State (9-3; Big Ten at-large)/23. Oklahoma State (9-3; Big 12 at-large)/24. Washington State (9-3; Pac-12 at-large)

All the won-lost records you see don't include the bowl games.

Can't wait to play these games (I'll be using Lance Haffner Games' 3-in-1 Football again)...and when they're all done and a new champion is crowned (unless Penn State repeats!), I'll get the scores and highlights posted.

I'm Jim Boston...thanks for reading this blog! 

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